26 March 2012


Oh my goodness, y'all. Normally, I lead a pretty boring life. Lately, though, it feels like everything is happening at once. I think it's this year. First, opening my online store - which I love. Then, reading on a regular basis - another thing I love. In fact, today I finished reading Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close for the second time in a month. Third, I went to TN. It was a short visit, but it felt like a huge event. Fourth, I've been sick, which is exhausting and it makes everything feel like an eternity. Fifth, I finally got a real job! I went to job training today, and finished filling out an application for the second job I'm hoping to get. Anyway, after several days of being exhausted, it was nice to come home, drink tea, sew, and watch You've Got Mail with my grandma. I like my life.



Meli said...

Yeah employment! Congrats! Hope you feel better soon.

Scout said...

Thanks so much! I hope so, too :)