25 March 2012


I started working on the regular Snapshots post, and then I realized...I didn't really do anything this week. I spent a decent part of the week being sick, which meant sleeping almost all day every day.  Everything else that happened this week was coming home from Tennessee, and finding various animals around our house and property, which I've already talked about. So, here's the few pictures of the rest of my week. 

Homemade mac & cheese. It was kind of sucky. I'm not good at making up recipes for mac & cheese.

Laying on a mattress in the middle of my living room (don't ask) and watching NCIS. 

She looks evil, but she was just sleepy. 

Homemade applesauce



Meli said...

that first picture is so pretty!

Scout said...

Thanks! I took a ton, but they weren't as impressive as I thought they were. Oh well. It's the memory that counts :)

alex said...

These are cool! Your cat looks so sleepy haha(:

Scout said...

Thanks! She was really sleepy. Compared to some of the other pictures, though, she just looked angry.