21 March 2012

Shop Talk

New items in my shop! Check them out here



Meli said...

Ok. Thing #1. These are adorable, particularly the mountain one and the coffee one that was sold already. Thing #2. I've been creeping on your blog, and I like coffee and music and making things, and that means that we should probably be friends. So yeah, that's that.

Scout said...

One: Thanks! They are fun to make - and the coffee one is going to an ex barista :)
Two: Bam. Done.

Meli said...


Lindsay said...

That mountain pouch is adorable! Reminds me of America and its purple mountains. :)

Scout said...

While I was listing it I got the line "for purple mountains majesty" stuck in my head. I thought about naming it that, but was afraid it'd be corny. And anyway, who searches for etsy items by patriotic songs?