21 March 2012

The Day A Cow Got Into Our Yard

Today one of our neighbor's cows got loose in our yard. My mom suggested I go out and lure it back to its home. Ha. I did, however, get my camera to go take pictures. I wasn't going to, except that our horses were freaking out when they saw the cow, and I couldn't miss pictures of that.

When I went down to take pictures of the cow, he (she?) started following me. I was slightly afraid that it would decide I was a threat and charge at me, but it didn't. Which is great, too, because I think I would have had a heart attack. I don't think I was as scared of the cow as the horses were, though. They were all grouped together watching it.



Kelly said...

What a sweet looking cow :)

earlynovemberlove said...

Haha, what sissy horses. But, really, I agree, that is a cute cow.

Kristin said...

You have horses!? So cool!

Scout said...

Haha, I thought the same thing about the horses. The cow was less cute in person, though.
Kristin - they're actually my uncle's, and we share the same property. I'm not a horse person, but feel free to join the Robinsons when they visit and check out the horses!