29 March 2012

Playlist, Shop Update, To-Do List

I have been crazy productive today! I finished some shop items, photographed a ton of items, then edited and listed items. This is my to-do list:
(P.S. Propaganda refers to this book that I've just started reading)

I've also been listening to this random collection of songs pretty much non-stop.

Finally, here's some of what I added to my shop. Three more days to support ANTI-trafficking! Check it out here.



earlynovemberlove said...

I love that you put "drink coffee" on your to-do list :) I've been known to put "take shower" on mine, when it gets overwhelming, just so I can feel accomplished.

Scout said...

I frequently put things concerning food on my to-do list. Partly so I can feel accomplished, and partly so I remember to eat :P
I also write down every detail of a project, because it sucks to work really hard on part of a project and not be able to cross anything off.

vvvv said...

Wow! Do you sew it?

What a nice your hand-made bag!

Scout said...

Thanks! I made all of the items pictured. It's so much fun :)

Kelly said...

My gosh, you really do come up with the cutest designs. I'm dying over the surfboard clutch.

Scout said...

Really?! Thanks so much, Kelly!