05 May 2012

Amazing Friends and Canadian Books

Earlier this week my old roommate sent me a package! It came just when I needed it, too. Check out the awesomeness. She found the Canadian version of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban at a yard sale, and she bought it for me so I could have the one with a cooler cover - and the cover is definitely awesome. She also wrote me a story, sent me a card, some pictures of other HP book covers, and drew a picture of us with terrible hair ;)

Totally thought this said "whitebread" at first. It's much more amusing that way.

Check out the cover! I think this drawing of Harry Potter looks better than the US version - that one tends to have a huge forehead.

Sirius! Grim! Werewolf! I'm not really sure. My first instinct was to think it was a werewolf - I mean, it looks so scary! But then I realized Sirius is a main character, so it seemed like it could be him...but then I thought it  looked too scary to be Sirius, so maybe it was supposed to be a Grim. What do you think? 

Thanks, Julia!



Courtney Snook said...

We have the same cover in Australia :)
I think to me that is a werewolf, but it makes sense if it's Sirius. Also Harry always founds Sirius' animagus really scary until he found out who he was.
Ok now I really want to read Harry Potter again. I might start from the 5th book, I've read the first four so many times!

What an awesome friend :)

Meli said...

Harry did think that Sirius was the grim for a while, so maybe it's both? Haha, the whitebread award...sounds tasty? Also, Hermione's face is cracking me up.

Scout said...

I've been re-reading them. I'm supposed to read the fifth one now, but I keep putting it off because the fifth one made me so angry when I read it the first time! I've read all of the others several times...but the fifth one....

I would love to be a judge for the whitebread awards :)

Julia said...

The Whitebread Awards do sound awesome.

Lupin's in the third one, right? So maybe it's him. Or maybe Meli's right and it's Lupin and Sirius and the Grim all at once and they're just that awesome :)

Jez said...

The fifth one made me angry too! And I was about to say we have that cover in Aus but Courtney beat me...!