29 May 2012

Summer Checklist: Swimming

This weekend I was finally able to go swimming! I have been wanting to swim since January. That is a long time to wait, let me tell you. Anyway, I was very excited - I'm even excited that my shoulders are pink with sunburn (but not enough that it hurts, thank goodness). 
(It was so hot and humid when I took this that the lens fogged up) 

Then, after spending all day swimming, we had a bonfire and "delicious hot schmoes". 

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hailey said...

great pictures! that pool water looks delicious :)

Scout said...

You know what? That's exactly how it felt: delicious.
And thanks :)

earlynovemberlove said...

Well, now I have to rewatch all 3 Toy Storys (ugh, it kills me to not be able to write "Stories")! Because there was a lot of funny lines in that scene that I don't remember at all :)

vvvv said...

summer is hot -.- but i like summer beach and ice cream!

Scout said...

Yeah, I'm thinking a Toy Story marathon isn't a bad idea :)
VVVV - the beach! I so want to go. and ice cream on the beach would be ideal :)