26 May 2012

Summer Checklist: Live Music

I am so excited to say that I was able to cross off something from my summer check list (check it out here)! 

Last night I saw live music. Technically, I could have checked it off a week ago, but I didn't take any pictures that night and last night was slightly more exciting because...
I planned the concert! 

Some friends of mine and my family's* have a small outdoor venue (check it out here) where they like to put on shows. Earlier this year they asked if I was interested in being involved, and last night was my first show. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but everyone was very kind about my lack of expertise, and several were very helpful. 

This is Michael/Old Souls - listen here.

It was somewhat exciting to be planning a show, but honestly, for the most part I just felt foolish - like the whole thing was some silly joke and everyone was just letting me have my fun. Don't get me wrong - no one treated me like that at all. I felt that way because I had no idea what I was doing. I feel much better now that it's over and I can have a better idea of what to do for the next show.

The guy in the blue tank is John Tabor. Check out his stuff here.

In the end, though, the concert was a ton of fun. The musicians were all amazing and I got to hear some great Bob Dylan songs, and an amazing cover of The Sound of Silence. I highly recommend you listen to Michael and John - two of the musicians from last night (also Wendy's brothers' names). The other two don't have their music online - yet. 
Anyway, I'll leave you with my favorite photo from the night :) 


* Someone please tell me the grammatically correct way to word that sentence!


earlynovemberlove said...

I can't see the guy in the tank top's face, but he looks like Justin Winters to me :) esp. after Justin cut his hair.
Maybe "some friends of mine and my family" even though it sounds weird. Because "some friends of mine" is correct and "some friends of my family" is correct, so...put them together.
Also, I'm *sure* no one was thinking of you that way (like it was a joke).

Courtney Snook said...

Scout that's awesome! I'm sure you did a fantastic job :) It looks like a beautiful venue, so green and lush!

Scout said...

Early November - Justin? Really? He reminds me of Michael Baskin. And someone famous that I forgot now.
Courtney - thanks! It is really pretty.

Meli said...

Maybe reversing to "my family and some friends have a venue"?

Anyway, awesome!! Its so cool that you get to be involved in putting on shows! If you get a chance to do it again you maybe could write about what that entails? I'd be interested to hear more!!