24 April 2012

Summer Check List

Never in my life have I wanted summer to come as much as I do this year. So, the other day when I was daydreaming about it, I decided to make a checklist for some of the things I'm most excited to do this year.

What are you excited to do this summer?



Josie Davis said...

oh I love this! I see you have both NYC and DC on there... do you live in the north east too?? I'm in South Jersey!

hah.. I LOVE how you have "complain about the heat" on there! I always complain too, but I would so much rather it be 90 degrees then 20 degrees and snowing!

Scout said...

I'm in south central Pennsylvania - right between two great cities!
And yes, I figured I'd be realistic with my list - and it'd give me a super easy one to cross off :)

whalecliff said...

Oh man! Sharks and minnows! That is definitely one of my very favorite pool games. I love it and pool games in general. Also if you go to Savannah and stop by Atlanta let me know and we could do something! :)

Scout said...

I love sharks and minnows, too! Although I really hate being it. I'm one of those people that wants to stop playing as soon as it's my turn to be it - I don't, though, because that wouldn't be fair.

Anonymous said...

You will love Savannah! I went for the first time last summer and we had such a fun time. You have to check out The Paris Market. It's a store with tons of vintage, Paris inspired goodies. They also have a little cafe in the store where you can get coffee and ice cream and you can just sit by the window and drink your cappuccino, it's just awesome. The basement of this store has some really awesome old letterpress parts, like the actual machine parts and all the little metal letter stamps.

Jeff and I are also planning a trip to NYC this summer! Jeff has never been, and I've only been twice, which of course means there is still so much for us to see. I want to go to Central Park, possibly even try to check out the places from You've Got Mail.

I'm so excited for you this summer!

hailey said...

complain about the heat. CHECK. haha, never fail- i will complain about the cold...and the heat. gosh. why is the grass ALWAYS greener?!

Scout said...

I know! I think I wouldn't mind the heat so much if I never got sweaty or sticky feeling.

Joshua Galemore said...

If only one of these items can be done it must be Savannah! (Seriously NYC and DC would be much more fun but you gotta come down here!)