09 April 2012

Easter Break 2012

On Thursday, my family started our Easter break. We went to one of my Uncles' house where we ate delicious food, played on the playground, and played tons of Rock Band. You really don't notice someone's range until you try singing with them in a mic! At one point, I tried to sing I Want You Back with Michael Jackson. Ha. Anyway, here are some snapshots from the first part of my weekend.

Plaid pants. They make me so happy! 


Playing on the jungle gym. 

I love playgrounds. I was actually trying to get someone's attention, which is why I'm posing like a dork.

We were playing a game of tag called Spider. The person that's "it" has to keep their eyes closed. The not-it people have to stay on the playground, and if they get off the playground and "it" calls spider, they're automatically it (like calling "fish out of water"). I was trying my best, but he ended up tagging me.

This is me and my cousin trying to get each other tagged. Also, slides are dangerous places to wrestle. 

Trying on all of my cousins' hats.

Poor Simon was stuck outside.


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vvvv said...

wow! this guy handsome!
sunglasses LOL