01 April 2012


Hey, y'all. Again, I didn't do too much this week. I went to job training (woohoo!) and recovered from being sick. I also did shop stuff, but you already know about that :) Most of the picture worthy things I did this week are from when I...went out to take pictures. Anyway, here they are. 

Our neighbor has peacocks. I can never get good pictures of them, though, because they run away. 

Oh man. I loved it. 

I found this list online and decided I had to make my own. I can share it, if you're interested - let me know! I was surprised by how many books I've read that were published before 1900. 

More shop stuff. 



Courtney Snook said...

I love your photos, especially the photo of the succulent. I like the idea of writing the list of books written before 1900, I don't think my list would be very big though. Maybe I would surprise myself?

Scout said...

I'd love to see your list, if you make it! You might be surprised - I never would have thought I'd have as many as I did. I'm a list maker, so I thought it was so much fun :)