26 April 2012

Artist Spotlight: Janelle Monae

Hey, guys. This was supposed to be published yesterday, but I've been getting my days confused this week, and since Blogger updated, I've been having trouble with scheduling posts. Anyone else having trouble? Or maybe some tips? 

I don't remember how I first heard of Janelle Monae. I think I happened to come across this spectacular song on Youtube.

If that one doesn't sound familiar, maybe this one does.

I loved her from the start. With a song as fun as Tightrope, how can you not get sucked in? She has an incredible, powerful voice. Her style is weird and blues-y and fun and has almost a light techno vibe to it. My words can't do her justice, so you should just listen to her. I haven't listened to all of her music in sequence yet (actually, I haven't listened to all of her music at all yet), but apparently all of her albums together tell a sci-fi story. I'm excited to look into it!

Check out her websiteMyspace, and Facebook.



Anonymous said...

I love how clear her voice is. You can tell it's HER, not all studioized. I think I have a new favorite now thanks to you!

Scout said...

Yay! I think she's pretty great :)