10 April 2012

Easter Part 2

A dog named Sebastian. He's so cute, and a little pansy! 

This chicken was just hanging out on the porch one night. 

My cousin got this for me! I'm so excited to read it! 

Apple cinnamon doughnuts - my absolute favorite.

More playgrounds! Maybe I'm weird, but I thought the slide on the left was pretty uncomfortable.

This spinny thing was the bomb.

Can you name all of the states? I think I got Connecticut and New Hampshire backwards when I tried to place them all. 

My uncle gave me some cooking tips. Those mushrooms? Pretty much the best thing ever. He's my favorite cook.

The rest of the weekend was spent playing card games with my four year old cousin, watching miscellaneous movies, and basically being a bum with my extended family. Good times.



whalecliff said...

That food looks fantastic to be sure! Also I see meat on your plate! Did you make an exception for it on Easter or have you gone back to eating meat or were you strong and didn't have any? Your easter looks like it was a lot of fun. For some reason I am digging that picture of the chicken.

Scout said...

There is meat on my plate! I actually have a post on it later.. :P
It was a really fun Easter! And the chicken was definitely awesome. He seriously hung out on the porch for hours.

Julia said...

Several things:

1. Am I missing something, or does that chicken only have one leg?
2. That slide on the left DOES look quite uncomfortable.
3. I really like the picture of you hanging upside-down right above the picture of the spinny-thing.
4. My geography is a little rusty in regards to the North...is Pennsylvania that green state in the top right and New York is the red one?
5. I really like mushrooms. I always loved when we had them for Sunday lunch at Bryan.

Scout said...

1. I think it had two legs, but one was a little funny looking.
3. It's actually my cousin, but I'm glad you like it, because I took it! Also, when we were little we used to pretend we were twins, so it's funny you thought it was me :)
4. Julia, your geography is rusty in regards to the South, apparently, because that's a picture of Tennessee (the middle yellow one). PA is below NY, though :)
5. These are a billion times better than cafeteria mushrooms.

Julia said...

3. Huh, you definitely could pass for twins as far as I can tell :)

4. Haha, no no, I was talking about the red and green states in the top right of the picture where the hand is....aren't those NY and PA? Maybe I'm just really confused...

Scout said...

Oh! Wow. I can't hardly see them! I think I remember NY being red, so maybe you are right :)