12 April 2012

The World's Worst Vegetarian

I had previously decided to be a vegetarian (read about it here). Then, a few weeks ago, I got sick, so I made chicken soup. You couldn't have paid me to eat vegetable soup that day. I wanted chicken soup and nothing in the world would have made for a decent substitute. Then we went to a friend's house, where I ate a burger - just because I could. It wasn't even that great, which was unfortunate, but I was feeling rebellious, so I ate it.  (Please note: I'm a little bit of a burger snob, especially because I make super amazing burgers. I'll show you sometime).
Then, for Easter, we went to visit family. I was way too lazy to pack my own food and felt like it would be a pain for me to be picky about the food they were generously making for me all weekend. Plus, my family is full of amazing cooks, so I wasn't going to sit by and watch everyone else eating filet mignon, veal, lambchops, and fried chicken without me.
 On the way home, we stopped at Five Guys. You guys....I love burgers. Really, look at that sucker! So unhealthy, and so delicious. I even drew a picture of it.

I am the world's worst vegetarian. Now that I'm home and not sick anymore, I intend to go back to a stricter vegetarian diet. However, I am now fully aware of exactly how weak I am, so I'm not going to hate myself for giving in every once in a while, especially when it comes to burgers and my uncle's cooking.
Anyway, I just thought I's share my weakness with you.


P.S. I'm sorry for over-using the word "then" in this post...


Kelly said...


I'm with you, sister - I'm a big burger person myself. I was a no red meat eater for a couple of years in highschool, but gave it up for my deeply rooted love of beef and bacon.

(ps, I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about starting an etsy shop? I'm making a new line of jewelry, and I'd love some advice. My email's kelly.e.davie@gmail.com)

vvvv said...

i like burgers!!!

Scout said...

And summer is the best time for burgers! I just might be done for ;)

JoBro said...

O_o ...why are there blue words in your burger? What kind of topping is that?

Scout said...

That's "perfection".

earlynovemberlove said...

This is fantastic. Good to know there's still the big-juicy-burger-loving Ashley under all that vegetarian :P

Courtney Snook said...

Lol I'm not sure if you're meant to be vegetarian haha.

I'm vego but I get meat cravings so much. Check out the quorn range http://www.quorn.com.au/Home/ they make awesome fake meat products. SO TASTY.

Good luck!

Scout said...

Haha. You might be right, Courtney :) All afternoon I've been thinking about how much I want another burger...I'll definitely check out that link :)