05 April 2012

Song of the Day

Oh my gosh. This is pretty much my new favorite video ever. I mean, I already think this song is great (along with Rebecca Black's Friday - so much fun to sing!) but this video makes it a thousand times more awesome. Someone please tell me how I can be a part of their next video!

Seriously. I love the dude in the black shirt and glasses, I love that the main guy has to try not to laugh, and I love the rapper. I hope you sing this song all day because of me :)


P.S. If you watch their cover of Thriller, one of the guys is wearing a Strong Bad shirt! Thirteen cool points if you know who that is!


earlynovemberlove said...

That was surprisingly entertaining! And surprisingly good! But then I clicked on it and realize they're professional musicians so that helps :)

Scout said...

Yeah, I'm not sure how much I liked them...until I saw this. Now I think they are brilliant :) They're cover of Girls Just Want To Have Fun was pretty hilarious, too :)