19 April 2012

Film Photographs

A few years back, my family members gave me some of their old film cameras. My dad gave me his old Minolta camera, which I named Grindelwald.

Now, I love taking pictures, but I especially love using my film camera. I love the surprise of whether or not your photos come out. I love holding my camera, excitedly waiting for just the right Kodak moment. I love the anticipation while the film is being developed (kudos to anyone that can develop their own film). And, for me, because I'm broke and take way too many photos, I love that by the time I get my film developed, I have no idea what photos are on there, so I get to go through a list of 24 forgotten memories.
At the moment, I have 9 rolls of film from the past two years - I had eleven, but I got two of them developed yesterday. Since I finally have a job, I should finally have some money to develop all those rolls of film! Here are some of the ones I finally got back yesterday.

This is of me, so obviously I didn't take it - it was taken by a BFF, Andrea. Also, I have pink hair. Woohoo!

Said BFF.

Chivalrous gentlemen.

A broken light.

Broken sign.

That's a monkey.

What's your favorite part of the fair? Mine is definitely the atmosphere - and the photo opportunities, of course! 



Meli said...

Elephant ears! But also the atmosphere, like you said. I love when the sun starts to set, as the fairs are winding down and everything starts to clear out..

Scout said...

Your fairs have elephants?! This one only had cattle. I'd love to go to a fair with more exotic animals!

Drew said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who names their film camera! Mine is named Koda:)
My favorite part of a fair is the the atmosphere and colorful lights all over the place, my favorite time to go is when its dark outside! you got some really incredible photos, can't wait to see more!

Scout said...

Hey, thanks so much! I like your camera's name, by the way :)