29 April 2012

Sunday Morning Songs

I can't get enough of Ray LaMontagne.
I've been wanting some of his music for a while and finally bought some earlier this week. On the recommendation of a friend, I got Till The Sun Turns Black. It gave me some trouble at first - three of the songs cut off after about 30 seconds - and then Apple gave me some trouble because I'm too poor to own any of their products. Things finally got worked out, though, and now I have all of the songs from the album I paid for.
Here are some of my favorite LaMontagne songs to kick off your Sunday. Enjoy!



vvvv said...

This song might be good when you feel lonely.... i do not have any friends and feel lonely...no job... i dropped out of school...

Meli said...

Aw vvv, that's what the internet's for! We're pretty friendly here.

I love this music! Have you listened to You Are The Best Thing?

Scout said...

VVVV - I dropped out of college. It does make it slightly more difficult to meet people, but there are ways! For instance, through blogging :)

Meli - I have! It's okay, but...these ones I listed are my favorites. I also like Hold You In My Arms. So good :)