16 April 2012

DIY: Green Tea Sugar Scrub

I found this pin on Pinterest a long time ago, After seeing it for a while, I decided to Google some different recipes and make my own. I have no idea what recipe I used the first time (and if you read my other blog you know I never follow recipes anyway), but this is the general idea of how to make your own green tea sugar scrub. The sugar helps smooth your skin, the green tea helps even the tone, and the olive oil works as a moisturizer. I think it's great, because I have really dry skin. I don't know how it'd work if you have oily skin.


  • Small mason jar
  • Green tea
  • Water
  • Sugar (brown or white)
  • Olive oil

First, brew a concentrated amount of green tea. I made 1/4 cup. After it's brewed for a few minutes, place it in the freezer to cool off some. If you want, you can break apart the tea bag so there will be loose leaves in your sugar scrub. I like to add a little bit, because I think it looks prettier that way. A lame reason, but there it is. 

While your tea is chilling (raise your hand if you're picturing green tea wearing sun glasses and relaxing by the pool. Just me? oh..), put some sugar in your mason jar. I measured out about 1/2 cup of sugar, but ended up adding more at the end because the sugar scrub was too liquidy for my taste. 
When the tea is chilled, add it to your sugar scrub. Next, pour in some olive oil. I probably used a tablespoon. Really, this sugar scrub mostly depends on how much of each ingredient you want. Given the ingredients, the scrub is not going to be very thick, but you can adjust it how you want. 

If you are using this on your face, don't wash the olive oil off after. Just rinse off the scrub and gently pat your face dry. The olive oil will soak in, so if you use a harsh soap after, you won't get any of the moisture.


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