18 April 2012

Artist Spotlight: Conner Youngblood

My most recent "find"! Lately Grooveshark has started advertising, which means watching commercials before listening to songs. I can totally understand this, and I've benefited from it on several occasions. This is one of them.
This time, they started a music video of Conner Youngblood. It started out slow, and I wasn't intending on listening to it, but then he started singing. I don't think his voice amazed me, but I was definitely struck by the brilliant combination of his smooth, chill vocals and the sometimes almost techno-ish music in his song Australia. It's the kind of sound that's fun and mellow at the same time. His song The Thunderhead starts off as a beautiful, delicate musical number. I highly recommend you check it out! Plus, he covers one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs. Listen below.

Seriously, I'm just amazed by this guy! His style is so beautiful and chill, mixing so many styles at once. Mmm. It makes me smile so much!

Visit his website, Myspace, and Facebook.


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