29 April 2012


Lunch with the grandparents.

The best crab cake I've ever eaten - from The Lemon Leaf Cafe in Chestertown, MD.

A CD my uncle gave me of his band.

My cousin is learning to be a beautician. Her head was on the stairs all week.


I have so many items planned for my shop! Most of them probably won't be up until May, as I'm waiting on some supplies to come in before I can finish most of them. I can't wait, though! I did list the fox clutch earlier this week, though.

Making kale chips - check it out here.

Some of our tadpoles are finally growing legs. Gross.



Kelly said...

Aaaah, that chevron clutch!

I love your grandmother's hand.

I think it's cool that your uncle has a band :)

I'm jealous of your cat. (No pets in our apartment. Rats!)

And I love tadpoles. Although I agree, the little legs sprouting is a little weird.

Scout said...

I've been thinking about making a chevron clutch for so long - I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. I like it :)
I think it's cool, too. There are pictures of him from his 80s band...he had long hair and everything. Good times!
No pets? That's so sad :(

Jemarie said...

At first I was wondering which grandmother, but then I noticed the opal ring. :)