28 April 2012

Mini Vacation in Maryland

Last week my mom and I went to stay at my cousins' house for a couple days. 

Crossing the Bay Bridge in the rain.

Coloring with my little cousin.

We made bookmarks.

Dutch Blitz.

Exploring Chestertown, MD. 

I really wanted one of these coffee mugs, but I was not willing to pay $15 for one of them.

Someone wrote this cookbook for me

A clever coffee mug - as the cup heats up, Van Gogh's ear disappears!

Lunch with my grandparents.


Relaxing, drinking coffee.



whalecliff said...

That Van Gogh coffee mug is pretty awesome. I think that instead of collecting stamps or miniature figurines I will just collect and use really awesome coffee mugs.

Kelly said...

Yum, crabcakes and salad is one of my very favorites!!!

Also, I'm dying over that van gogh mug :)

earlynovemberlove said...

Yum, crab cakes! And from Maryland, no less! I should probably live someplace with good seafood because it is very important to me. Both mugs are super awesome.

Scout said...

Whale - I think collecting mugs is a brilliant idea. I do it :)
Kelly - isn't it great? I'd like to meet whoever thought of it.
Andrea - that's probably a good idea. It was definitely an amazing crabcake - it wasn't greasy at all!

Drew said...

Lovely pictures. Dutch Blitz is awesome, my favourite card game! and that Van Gogh Mug is so great!

Scout said...

I love that card game, too! I love fast card games :)