03 April 2012

Tuesday Update

It's April! I can't believe we're already 1/4 of the way through 2012. So far this year I've opened an online store, got a job, did a month long vegetarian challenge (and am mostly continuing to keep it up), attempted selling my photography, and read ten books (one of them I read twice). This month I'm jumping into the non-fiction category, which means slower reading. I'm also going to work on an art journal this month. I used to draw a lot, and last year at school I spent a decent amount of time playing around with charcoal. I'm actually starting to miss it. I drew this yesterday:

I feel like the past two weeks has been insanely busy and empty at the same time. I've had more going on than usual, but I've been sick for part of it, so when I'm doing stuff, it's absolutely exhausting, and when I'm not doing anything, it feels like I haven't done anything for years. But I'm finally almost completely well again, which is fantastic!

In other news, my mom had to get stuff at Walmart the other day, and, as I had other errands to run with her, I was there. Instead of following her around the whole time, I hung out in the book section and read the first two chapters of this book. I can't wait to buy it! Also, have you ever seen a preview for a book?!

What are you guys looking forward to? Have any good books in mind?



Meli said...

It sounds like you've had a really productive few months! What a list of accomplishments!! I have a stack of books I'd love to get to, but I have to finish the semester up first. FIrst up is the last Girl Who...book.

Scout said...

You're reading those?! I'm so impressed! What do you think of them? I tried to start the first one, but it was soooo hard to get into, at least for me. Plus people kept telling me it was graphic and I wouldn't like it, so then I was kind of scared.

Sally said...

I love charcoal too! Only tried it for the first time my last year of college, but I find it so soothing somehow.

Not sure if I've said this yet but I love your photos a lot!! :)

Scout said...

I think it's soothing, too! I think I liked the way it could be messy, but it was so easy to work with and fix.
And thank you so much :)