25 April 2012

Consignment Shop Finds

I don't like consignment stores. I mean, I am way too cheap to buy used clothes/items for the same price as if I bought them new. If I'm going to buy used clothes, I want them to be thrift store cheap. Consignment stores just don't cut it.
However, I went to a consignment store yesterday in Centreville, Maryland, where I found a couple good deals.

Here we have:
Look Me In The Eye: My Life With Asperger's, by John Elder Robinson - I'm so excited for this one! I think Autism/Asperger's is fascinating.
Animal Farm, by George Orwell - a classic.
And The Shins' brand new album, Port of Morrow - it wasn't even out of the shrink wrap when I found it!

What have been some of your exciting thrift store/consignment finds?



Kelly said...

Love that nail polish. :)

Scout said...

Thanks :) If there's a Five Below in your area, that's where I got it!