13 May 2012


I scored this gem (and two Disney VHSs) at a yard sale - only five dollars! Woot!

French press coffee and two confessions: one, I don't really like french press coffee. I think it needs to be filtered more. Two, I kind of love reflection pictures - as long as they're at least moderately creative and not mirror pictures. Those should be condemned forever to the land of douchebag profiles on Myspace. 

My go to snack of late - apples with almond butter. And that's almond milk in the mug.

It's been so grey and rainy lately! I kind of love it. I wish there were more thunderstorms, though.

I can't stop listening to Sinatra lately.
Meandering around our shed type building, trying to find things to take pictures of.

My mom and I went to the greenhouse. This is the day I started shooting only in manual. 

Aubergines- check out the recipe here



Meli said...

You've been bitten by the jazz bug too? I've been listening to Louis Armstrong like mad lately!!

Scout said...

I don't know about jazz, but crooners, yes! I have been listening to Sinatra and Nat King Cole. Well...and some Elvis...but mostly crooners. As soon as I get some good jazz on vinyl, though...

Sally said...

The dandelion seed (spore?) is my favorite!

Scout said...

I was so excited to spot that! It was hanging on a teeny tiny spiderweb or something. I'm glad you like it!

Lindsay said...

That typewriter was only $5?! What a great find!

I pinned the dandelion seed. I like it, too.

Scout said...

I know! I was so afraid they'd realize how much they *could* charge for it and change their minds.
And thanks! :)