31 May 2012

Tea With My Mom

For Christmas 2011, I gave my mom a coupon type deal to go out for tea with me. Five months later, we finally went. We went to a place called TranquilaTea in Waynseboro, PA. It was so cute! Everything was super girly. They had pretty tea cups all around, and vintage hats on the walls if you wanted to play dress up. They had a huge selection of teas, and the food was all homemade and delicious. (I went to a tea house before that was buffet style with bags of tea and cookies you can buy at Walmart. It was less than exciting).
Anyway, TranquilaTea was very charming, and if you live in the area, you should definitely check it out.



Drew said...

Beautiful photography! going out for tea sounds like a wonderful experience!

Sally said...

Ahh, I want to go!!

Scout said...

Thanks, Drew!
And to both of you, I definitely recommend it! Even if tea isn't really your thing, it's a fun experience. My brother took our family several years ago, and we all still talk about how much fun it was :)