19 May 2012

In West Philadelphia, Born and Raised!

This pretty much made my entire week. I cannot get over how awesome it is.

Seriously! Everyone is singing it!



vvvv said...

Wow! It's Will Smith!
Its man in black 3 when you say will smith..oh and have you watched the movie avengers and battleship?

Scout said...

I haven't seen Avengers yet - I'm planning on seeing it soon, and I'm planning on dressing up as The Hulk when I go :)

Julia said...

Two things:

1. How have you not seen Avengers?! You need to fix this post haste!

2. My dad and I were watching Independence Day and there's this scene where Will Smith's girlfriend says, "You're not as charming as you think you are" and he responds, "Yes, I am." I looked at my dad and said, "Of course he's charming! He's Will Smith!" And this video really just emphasizes that! :)

Scout said...

One: Agreed.
Two: Agreed.