08 May 2012

The Last Toad

After this, I won't dedicate any more posts to amphibians - except maybe Kermit
At least, I'll try not to. 

The other day my dad brought me outside to see the toad hanging part of our roof. It was too far away for me to get a picture, so I was just going to leave, when my dad suggested I get a ladder and climb on the roof to get a better picture. Honestly, I didn't care about the toad that much, but I really wanted to climb on the roof, so that's what I did :) 


His armpit is yellow! Isn't that weird?

I was slightly terrified while taking this picture. I don't mind heights, but I don't like the idea of falling. 

My daddy goofing off :)

Of course, I dropped my lens cap off the roof...



vvvv said...

your dad handsome!

Scout said...

Yes he is :)

Elisabeth said...

Nice pictures. And it seems like a nice day to be outdoors with your dad. I wish I was in your shoes that day <3

Scout said...

Thanks! And actually I think most of that day was rainy, but that one little bit worked out well :)