25 May 2012

Friday Finds

Hey, y'all! While perusing Facebook today, I saw that my friend had posted this article. The title intrigued me, so I read it. It's pretty awesome. I highly recommend you check it out! Or, if you're an audible learner, listen to this five minute TED talk! I will say, the guy in the video (Philip Zimbardo of the 70s prison experiment, if you're a psych major) is pretty funny.

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Article: The Demise of Guys: How Video Games and Porn Are Ruining a Generation
TED talk



hailey said...

that article is SPOT ON. from personal experience i know this is true. and it is so so scary and sad.

Scout said...

It is! I'd love to buy the book they mention, but so far it's only for Kindle, which I don't have :(

Krysten Travels said...
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Krysten said...

I love TED talks. This is the first one I ever watched:


Also, you've inspired me to blog about my summer check list. :)