27 May 2012


Frostys with my grandma after I drove her to physical therapy.


It was kind of a David Bowie week. I watched Labyrinth, too.

One of my new coffee mugs. Isn't it grand?

Outdoor concert.

A friend.

Pool time, cool time! 
Have any of y'all read that book? I'm loving it so far. So much that I'll probably write a post on it soon.



Anonymous said...

Aw, I used to get frosties with my g-ma! Favorite memories. :)

vvvv said...

wow your boy friend???

happy memorial day!

Scout said...

Nope - I'm single.

Julia said...

Who's on the mug?

Scout said...

The Beatles, of course! It's them as Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Fleur De Moi said...

Lovin' on all these pictures!
I have been obsessed with Frosty's recently....and french fries in them :)

Scout said...

Thank you so much!
I can understand the whole Frosty thing, but the whole fries thing is beyond me. Maybe it's because they're not crunchy - I like to mix soft and sweet with salty and crunchy.

Julia said...

Of course it's the Beatles. I was just...testing you...

And fries and Frostys are quite delicious :)