06 May 2012


She's so fat! I love it. She looks like such a little diva.

Good stuff. 

At the used bookstore. I always check this section for Agatha Christie books.

Cooking microwave dinners - that's what I call good housekeeping!

In the middle of the cookbook section is a book called "The Scented Bath". Hm.

What a brilliant book idea!

I went to Michael's to buy yarn for some crochet slippers I'm making for someone. I found these on sale :)

That one time I went on the roof to take a picture of a toad.



Sally said...

Haha...the microwave cookbook made me laugh. And I wish I owned that Henson doodle book! So cool!

Kelly said...

I'm very jealous of your crochet skills. That little square is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Scout said...

Sally - I skimmed through the Henson doodle book. It wasn't quite as amazing as I had hoped, but I definitely appreciated that it was Jim Henson!

Kelly - Thanks! I'm slowly turning it into a purse.