28 February 2011

San Diego: California Dreamin'

I am leaving for San Diego in six days. I am spending my spring break working at City of Refuge. I’m not entirely sure what we are going to be doing for them, but I’m totally stoked.
City of Refuge does inner city mission work with the homeless (and others). One night while we are there we are going to take coffee and snacks and hang out with people on the street. I think I’m most excited for that night. I cannot wait to hear people’s stories!
Anyway, I thought I’d share some of what I'm thinking about my trip.
  • ·         Travelling
  • ·         Flying! I haven’t been on an airplane since I was 12.
  • ·         Being in a new place
  • ·         More specifically: Being in California! It will be my first time on the West coast.
  • ·         Meeting new people – especially ones whose stories and backgrounds aren’t so similar to my own.
  • ·         New experiences.
  • ·         Chilling with homeless people
  • ·         Being the church, rather than sitting through it.
  • ·         Not going home for spring break
  • ·         Getting home sick – I usually get homesick the first night I’m away somewhere. I hope it’s not worse because I gave up going home for spring break.
  • ·         Messing up somehow
  • ·         That my nerves and fears will keep me from doing my best – working my hardest and being able to talk to new people.
Prayer requests:
  • ·         That my team will get along well
  • ·         That we will all be flexible to changes
  • ·        That we will be open to others and not judgmental
  • ·         That I won’t be hindered by my fears
  • ·         That I won’t be judgmental of my team or the people we meet
  • ·         Safety


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Mom said...

Can we move safety to the top of the prayer list, please!