04 February 2011


This is my kitty cat. Her name is Xenaphilia (from Xenophilius, from Harry Potter) and she is the most beautiful animal ever. Trust me, I know. She adopted my family about a year an a half ago. She's pretty crazy and kind of mean. She likes to scratch you if you bother her too much. Someday she'll realize that she loves me and wants to cuddle in my lap all the time.

She is very curious.

She likes to go exploring. One time I caught her chasing a teeny tiny little mouse. He kept squeaking because he was scared. I love my cat and all, but I couldn't let her eat that poor little mouse.

This is the look she gives you when you're bothering her: 
She looks like that a lot.

The most adorable creature ever? Probly. 
(Sometimes I sprawl on my bed like that. It's pretty comfy)

- Scout

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