13 February 2011

Wish List: Pets

I'm not much of an animal person, but these are some of the pets I might want, if I could afford it. I left out ordinary house cats because...I'm going to have one.
They are listed in order of least to greatest.

6) Owl. But my mom pointed out that barfing up what they ate is a daily habit of theirs, so...I think I changed my mind.

5) Basset Hound. They are so cute! I've always loved them.

4) Hedgehog. I would probably name it Sonic. I'm not sure I could help myself.

3) Pig. A small one, not one of the ones that gets to be as huge as a couch. I would name it Malefacent or Sheldon, depending on its gender.

2) Fox. So cute. So, so cute.

1) Tiger. Seriously - a giant cat! How awesome. If it wouldn't eat me.
[Google Images]

I guess Xen will have to suffice :)



Kelly said...

Hey, my sister's best friend has a hedgehog named Pliny. I met it once. Look!

But she also has a sphinx cat named Crumb, who is terrifying.

Scout said...

I can't see the pictures :(