09 February 2011

So You Had a Bad Day...

Today I'm going to teach you how to have a good day.
1) Work out. [Being active is good for you "'n stuff", plus it helps you feel less guilty about the next steps.]
2) Find a delicious substance to consume (coffee, ice cream, carrots...whatever you prefer)
3) Find an amazing television show or movie (may I recommend Hitchcock, Jimmy Stewart, or Gregory Peck?) to watch.
4) Relax. Seriously, let yourself take a break. I mean, don't go overboard and become a vegetable, but don't make yourself stress out all the time, either.

Other good ideas:
♫ Go for a walk
♫ Listen to music
♫ Create something - feel through art
Decide to be happy (I'm really bad at this one...)

- Scout

1 comment:

Mom said...

Liar! You are really good at that. Your whole life, you just take a little time, pull yourself together and then your singing and happy again. One of the things I love and envy about you!