14 February 2011

A Happier Valentine's Post - With Music!

 My family sent me a Valentine's Day package! My daddy always gets gifts for the girls in the family, even when we are away :)

 The package!

 A view of the inside. I named the dog Guggenheim.

 A card from my wonderful daddy :)

 Chocolate, of course.

 You see that? It's coconut! I always eat these out of boxes of assorted chocolates.

 Buttons, assorted by style and color (I love buttons!)

 Pretty yarn.

 There were also many other miscellaneous doo-dads in there, like comics from my sister (Mailey Bae - I did love the Pearls Before Swine one!).
Thanks, you guys! I love you so much!


In other news, I put together a huge playlist of love songs, cause that's how I roll, but then I decided I'd make a significantly smaller playlist with just my favorite love songs. There's a good chance the other playlist will end up on here sometime. 

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earlynovemberlove said...

There's a slight chance I've been listening to this playlist on repeat all morning. : )