01 February 2011

Daily Dose of Culture - Frankenstein

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is not just the science fiction tale it is recognized as. It is a tale of humanity; a tale of brokenness and failed attempts at love.

Frankenstein is a scientist who tries to play God by creating a being. However, when the being comes to life, Frankenstein is repulsed and flees from his creation. 
His creature lives in hiding, searching for meaning and a place to belong. He watches civilization from afar and teaches himself to speak and read. He longs for community and love, but everyone is repulsed by his grotesque appearance. 
As he gains knowledge of life and humanity, the creature gets angrier and angrier with Frankenstein. How could his creator abandon him? How could the creature be expected to love if he has never known it? In an effort to get back at Frankenstein for his horrible treatment, the creature becomes a menace to others. He intends to do this for as long as it takes for Frankenstein to stop hurting him, but his plan backfires. Instead of getting the love that he desires, he remains alone and begins to loathe himself for his crimes.  

Shelley's book is a brilliant tale of how we desperately try to love, but our brokenness keeps us from succeeding. Like Frankenstein's creature, we cannot learn to love on our own. We need to be taught. 

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- Scout 

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