04 February 2011

Friday Love

1. This song. I've had it in my head all week. I'm trying to memorize it, but...it's a long song. It's taking some work. It's worth it :) Also, it makes me think of my mom every time I listen to it. It's her favorite.

2. Pringles. I'm not the healthiest eater, so I try not to buy chips very often, but...They are so delicious. This particular batch came from my wonderful roommate :)

3. This photo. It's one of my favorite photos of any couple. Aren't they the most adorable old people? All of my grandparents are wonderful :)

4. This scene. I haven't seen this movie in such a long time, but I love this part, partly because it's Beatles related (and who doesn't love them?), and partly because...it's how I make (or don't make) decisions ;)

5. My friends. They are seriously the most wonderful, gracious, and generous people ever. They give me lots of things, like tickets to amazing plays (ever seen Nightwatch? It's awesome) and free hair cuts and food and stuff. They keep being my friends even though I can be a real jerk sometimes. I don't deserve any of them and they keep being amazing. Sometimes I'm really surprised that they're still my friends, but I am always grateful :)

- Scout

1 comment:

lydiabeth. said...

haha. I love those vultures. :D they're great.
And, of couuuurse you're my friend, nik! You give me things, too. It's how a friendship works, ya know? :) I love you!
and, yes. pringles. they're great. I'm craving them, now. gee, thanks. :P